What Do We Do and Who Are We?

The Absurd Collective is a loose collective of Edmonton-based artists. Born four years ago when we somehow got our hands on a grant to have a mixtape release party and gallery that showcased our friends' art, it has since become a passion project through which we've worked with local venues, artists, charities, and friends to share our work in a meaningful way with one another. Our artistic vision has been, since the collective's inception, one that privileges a community based, D.I.Y., and anti-capitalist approach as much as possible (and sometimes out of necessity).  

Our work includes, but is not limited to, music creation and promotion, visual design, creative and non-creative writing, event planning (both gnarly and legitimate in equal measure), videography, and just about whatever any of us feels like putting our time into. More than anything it is important to us that our art and work is done freely in a way that is as unrestrained, as accessible to those around us, and honest as possible. If that means that we make less, or no money, or have to work twice as hard or get less done, then so be it. If it means that we get to be rich and do nothing, then, well, so be it.

See below a list of some of those involved in the website, and some of the roles they fill within the collective. 

The Absurd Collective is a loose collective of artists, sometimes working or releasing under the title of the collective, and sometimes not. As such, this is not a comprehensive list of collaborators or consistent contributors. Consider it a list of collective members who work more on the administrative end, and also gave a shit enough to put their information on our website. 

Dirty Devon Acuña

Raps, designs, event coordination, communications, drinks





Angsty punk vocals, illustration, design, event coordination, good outfit layering.




Business stuff, angry feminist, event coordination, token female,

Motto: "I'm not the best drummer but at least I'm not a man."


absurdcollective@gmail.com (just specify in the subject line that u want me ;) )


General tom foolery, event coordination, always over-dressed

M.O.: Always has a Molson Cold Shot in his pocket.





Resident sound guy, little drummer boy, DIY recording.


Swallows the roach, makes the gear fit in the trunk.


Photo by Hazel Suter