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A non-exhaustive list highlighting some of the projects that we've undertaken throughout these long fruitful years.



In The Now is a collaborative project where producers are paired with two vocalists each to create a diverse set of tracks that are all released under one project. The purpose of this project, besides good wholesome fun, is to help foster relationships in Edmonton's hip-hop community, and to help artists break out of their bubbles in terms of who they work with and what sounds they tend towards. All versions of this mixtape will be released on the Absurd Collective Soundcloud and Youtube for free streaming. The first iteration of this project, released on the 18th, features beats from PHlLY, Shmubu, and Pleasebenice, and vocals from Dirty Dev, Ares, YUNG HOSS KOTU, Jazz Waters, Chazzy Boo, and Indycysive. 



This was a project based in exploring the spaces that we can use as venues, searching -  as we always are - for spaces that are cheap, weird, and easily accessible. When we realized that busking permits are $15 dollars for the month we knew that we had to have a show in Churchill Station, assuming that it would be shut down quickly and be complicated to actually set up. The first show was a huge success, garnered a ton of interest, and went off without a flaw. We were inundated with requests to play the next one, and it became a series. 

The money from every show, taken in the form of optional donations, was saved for the purpose of donating to Boyle Street at the end of the summer. Partially because the "venue fee" was virtually non-existant, and because the series occupied a public space that is used by many people who are less fortunate than us. 

The series included performances by the wonderful likes of Symfan, Camp Nottingham, Callum Harvey, Family Injera, Braedon, A Dej, Dirty Dev, Marr Guiton, PleaseBeNice, HoneyBoyChild, Caylie Ganam, and More!


R&B OCT 2537.NEF.jpg

A moving meditation on the word spoken, sung, rapped, and drunkenly slurred. 

The goal of this series is to create a space in which the word, its intended meaning, and the technique with which it is delivered are privileged above all else. 

This is attempted through the blending of poetry with hip-hop in a way that accentuates the nature of all the performance as rooted in poetry and writing. As well, this is an attempt to bring into the spotlight artists who don't fit as comfortably into a show at a club or that is intended to be more of a party/dancing atmosphere.

Collaborators in this event so far have been Dirty Dev, PHlLY, Rai, Kazmega, Saphirah, Pleasebenice, Selassie, Dwennimmen, Celine Caruso, Aaima, Soroush, and more!


Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 10.38_edited.jpg

"Filmed with help from sound guy Danny Prior, Videographer Michael Philpot, and Mom's basement."

In the eternal search for content and the uplifting of the local music as we are sworn to do, we strung a sheet up in the basement and filmed some friends doing their thing acoustically and solo-y for the purpose of uploading on Youtube and Facebook. Another of the projects we started in the summer of 2019 that finally got us some attention and people wanting to work with us, the DeBasement Sessions has people lined up for the next couple sessions at least. We're meeting artists, they're meeting each other, and we get Youtube subscribers while they get a free music video. :)

Collaborators so far include but aren't limited to the illustrious Duke & The Peacemakers, Ellen Reade, Mountain Laurel, Kat Zel, Braedon, Charles Pickard, and so on!


Screenshot (3).png

This project is a monthly early show at the Sewing Machine Factory where have solo or acoustic acts play punk or folk punk for the benefit of their friends, our friends, early drinkers, people looking for a place to study or hang out, the small folk punk scene in Edmonton, and people who are bored.

So far Folk/Punk Happy Hour has been a pretty chill time, getting friends together to listen to music in a space and time that doesn't imply drinking or partying in a way that many shows do, and that, being as it's an early show, tends towards a much more relaxed atmosphere that feels much more like community-building than it does like another show. 

So far the Folk/Punk Happy Hour stage has been graced by Marr Mellor, Levenin, Living Suitcase, Curt Blandy, Bert Mcclure, Callum Harvey, Harmine, and Whyte Ave Womprats.



Make Punk Political Again!

How can we get a bunch of punks to listen to people lecture on politics, while simultaneously tricking a bunch of politics nerds into listening to punk? 

Sometimes our projects aren't as explicitly anti-capitalist, intersectionally feminist, and anti-fascist as we would like them to be, caught up as we all tend to get booking the homies band and leaving it at that. At the same time, sometimes punk music in general isn't as anti-capitalist, etc. as it probably should be given the roots of the movement. A perfect match!

Collaborators to date in this series have been Yo Bear, Feminal Fluids, Simone A. Medina Polo, Talking Horse (I think that's his name), and Whatever Brittany Gergel's Solo Project Is. 

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