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Local raps from Edmonton, AB


Instagram: @bs_idea

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BSIDEA is an Edmonton-based Hip-Hop duo comprising MC Dirty Dev and MC/producer PHlLY. After meeting in early 2019 through mutual friends, the two almost immediately began recording and making music together, PHlLY’s background in electronic and dance production meshing with Dirty Dev’s raw, experimental vocals to create something that felt unique and exciting. The duo released ANTIMASQUE together through Absurd Collective Records in 2019 and began performing exclusively as a duo while continuing to write and release music together. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two formed BSIDEA and began recording their first album as a group, set to release in late 2020. Expounding raw Hip-Hop and a strict DIY ethos, handling all releases, videos, production, and artwork themselves, BSIDEA is a unique landmark in Edmonton’s Hip-Hop scene, for better or worse.


A selection of three of Dirty Dev's most recent/relevant music videos available on Youtube

Dirty Dev X PHlLY - Drinking Shantey (feat. Hazey Daze, Sperniee)

Dirty Dev - Bum One (feat. The Slight Brains)

Dirty Dev X PHlLY - Peaches

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