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Dirty Dev

Local raps from Edmonton, AB


Instagram: Rapgamejeffrosso 


Dirty Dev is a rapper from Edmonton, Alberta who started performing and making music in 2015, when he was in grade 12. Since then it has been a passion for him, working with producers and musicians from all around Edmonton, and playing with a live band as well as performing solo. With influences like Milo and Earl Sweatshirt, It’s immediately evident to anyone who listens to it that Dirty Dev’s music is intelligent and thoughtful, even dense, despite his clear and hard-hitting vocalism. Whether it’s opening for punk bands in a basement, or playing a club downtown, Dirty Dev always bends the show to his own chaotic, hard hitting lyricism and energy, no matter who’s standing in the audience. Intensely D.I.Y. both onstage and behind the scenes, every aspect of Dirty Dev’s performance and presentation is just as meticulously impressive with a full band behind him as it is stripped down to one mic and a backing track.


At the end of 2019, Dirty Dev released his latest project - a collaboration with producer PHlLY - titled Antimasque. The project received attention and cemented Dirty Dev's place in Edmonton's Hip-Hop scene. The project is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and on Youtube in the form of several music videos.

Since releasing Antimasque, Dirty Dev has continuously collaborated with other musicians in the form of features and regularly playing and setting up shows in Edmonton and Canada. 

Dirty Dev's lastest project is a collaboration between himself, PHlLY as well as local musicians and friends. The project is titled BSIDEA and their debut album is set to release at the beginning of 2021. 

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